Program for ‘Ghana as Center’

GSA program cover

GSA program cover

Each of of the past triennial conferences — the first in Kumasi in 2013 and the second in Cape Coast 2016 — has had its own character and flavor, partly as a reflection of its location. For the third edition in Accra, the conference planning team envisioned a meeting that would be intellectually rich; that embraced different forms of intellectual engagement; that was nurturing of younger scholars; and that was uniquely ‘Accra’. We hope you will see this vision reflected in the program in

  • the rich  content of the panels and roundtables (download program below);
  • the multiple media presentations, a documentary film, a plenary of Ghanaian creatives, and an exhibition of award-winning art;
  •  the effort to welcome and encourage the scholarship of younger members, including through a networking lunch;
  • the ‘Accra’ flavor through social events in two of Accra’s best-reviewed restaurants and bar, and the customized, hand-crafted  conference gifts (bespoke chocolate, hand-made fans, jewelry, etc.) by the city’s artisans.


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CLICK to download a pdf of the full conference program.