Submit a proposal for GSA 2019 conference – ‘Ghana as Center’

The Ghana Studies Association invites proposals for panels, papers, roundtables, and other forms of presentation that engage with current scholarship and debates in Ghana Studies.  See the full Call for Proposals.

Proposals are particularly encouraged that focus on this year’s theme of ‘Ghana as Center’. However proposals outside of this theme are also welcome.

The deadline for proposals is 31 January 2019.

Notices of acceptance will go out by 15 February 2019.


Participation Rules

Each individual may make only one presentation: as a paper presenter or a roundtable participant. In addition, individuals may chair or co-chair or serve as a discussant or on one panel or roundtable. If multiple proposals are received from one individual, only one will be considered.


Individual paper proposals

The paper abstract should consist of a statement about the topic, the nature and extent of the research on which the paper is based, and a brief summary of the main argument (not more than 250 words). The proposal must include the name of the presenter (and co-authors, if applicable), institutional affiliation and email address.

If you would like to join an organized, see the list of calls here.

Submit a proposal for an individual paper here.


Panel proposals

A panel has a chair, no more than four paper presenters and, optionally, a discussant. A panel proposal consists of the panel title and abstract; names, institutional affiliation, and emails for each participant on the panel; and  a paper title and abstract for each paper.  The panel abstract should consist of a statement about the topic and a brief summary of its main arguments (approximately 250 words).

Submit a proposal for an organized panel here.


Roundtable proposals

A roundtable consists of a chair and no more than five presenters. A roundtable proposal must include a title, abstract, and details of the proposed roundtable participants. The roundtable abstract should consist of a statement about the topic and a brief summary of the main issues to be explored (approximately 250 words).

Submit a proposal for a roundtable here.


Proposals for exhibition, performances and other non-traditional forms of presentation

At the ‘Ghana at Center’ conference, we welcome presentations in formats that are not typical of academic conferences, especially to the extent that these are grounded in Ghanaian cultures, including in oral traditions. Proposals for exhibitions, performances, etc. will consist of the title and description of the presentation, and the name, institutional affiliation and email of the presenter(s).

Submit a proposal here.


Proposals to show documentaries and films

A proposal to show a documentary or film should include the name, institution and email of the presenter who will provide a context and commentary on the film. The merit of the proposal will be judged on its ability to engage audiences intellectually and to engender discussion. Preference will be given to films and documentaries in which the presenter is personally involved as writer, producer, or director.

Submit a proposal for a documentary and film.